Bringing together the content knowledge and know-how of Marty with the insightful psychology and parenting background of Carley, Inform & Empower was established in 2018.

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Martin McGauran

Marty is a primary school teacher and educational consultant with over 12 years experience in schools. He is a qualified teacher, holds a Masters of Education (ICT & Digital Learning) as well as being a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator. In 2018 he co-founded Tech In Edu Magazine which is a publication that supports effective and innovative teaching and learning with technology.

Marty's passion for cyber safety comes from his extensive experience in leadership roles within primary schools. He shares insights to inform parents of the many apps, websites and safety measures that impact young people in a digital world.

In 2019 he researched, scripted and produced two original incursions to engage students in cyber safety learning. Thrive Online (Grades 3 - 6) & Ollie Online (Grades Prep - 2) are fast paced, engaging and interactive cyber safety student incursions. Ollie Online has been presented to over 9000 students across Australia!


Carley McGauran

Carley McGauran has over 18 years experience as a psychologist in the community and private sector. She works with both children and adults, as well as families. Carley’s experience includes providing training/psycho-education to organisations on a variety of topics.Through her extensive work with families in private practice, community agencies and schools, Carley is passionate about early intervention. 


She strongly believes supporting both parents/carers and schools is the ultimate early intervention for children. Given the known risks associated with children and screen time, Carley is keen to empower parents/carers and schools to best protect the young people in their care. She is able to share both professional experience as well as her personal journey as a parent of three primary and secondary school aged children.