Please have all students complete THIS Google Form before joining this term's incursion.

Instructions for watching live

  • only the teacher needs to click on the live stream 

  • live stream should be displayed on a large screen for all students to see

  • ensure sound is on and turned up

  • student will need access to devices for the session

    • one device between 2 (or one between 3) is ideal as it promotes discussion

    • students need only one tab open (Kahoot)

    • they will be given the "Game PIN" during the live session

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Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 10.01.24 am.png


  • We strongly encourage teachers to explore the suggested classroom activities.

  • They are NOT a curriculum or sequence of lessons that need to be completed, but a selection of ideas and ways to continue and extend the learning from the live sessions.

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  • Whilst the live sessions happen in the classroom, it is essential that parents are continuing the conversations at home.

  • We have designed a simple "tip sheet" for parents/carers that gives an overview of the session and some conversation starters.

  • Please send this PDF home to parents immediately before or after the session.

Replay not yet available...

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  • We have now made it so you can run the Kahoot yourself (the teacher) while watching the replay, so kids can still enjoy some of the interactivity. Open THIS LINK and click "play as guest" or sign in if you wish to be able to save results. Make sure the students know that they need to ignore the Kahoot code displayed during the video and use the one from the quiz you launch yourself.

  • The replay will be just one of the three live sessions, therefore there may be slight differences from the live session you may have actually attended.