Join us as we reimagine cyber safety education in 2022!


Every term Marty presents 3 engaging, interactive live shows (F-2, 3/4, 5/6).

Teachers are provided with optional lesson ideas and follow up activities.

Parents are also given an overview of each session to help open up important conversations.

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If your school has students accessing the internet every day of the school year, then why do we “do cyber safety” as a one off?

In a crowded curriculum, we ensure your teachers revisit online safety and digital citizenship at a minimum of once per term through our engaging and interactive live presentations.

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F-2: $7.50 per student per year (ex GST)

3-4: $9.50 per student per year* (ex GST)

5-6: $7.50 per student per year (ex GST)

*includes class sets of the

Tweeting Galah book series

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What's included? 


For students & teachers

4 live presentations (1 per term)

Follow up lessons and activities

For parents/carers

Concise resources that correspond to each session designed to build relationships and start conversations 

Why Inform & Empower?


  • Age appropriate and curriculum aligned

  • Relatable and entertaining content written by experienced primary school teachers

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The student, staff and parent sessions run by INFORM & EMPOWER are fabulous. The content is developmentally appropriate and engaging. You can tell Marty comes from an educational background, because noone could keep our students engaged for as long as he did without some tricks up his sleeve.

I would highly recommend INFORM & EMPOWER.

Erin Jenkins

Teacher & Mum

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2022 Dates

Times are AEDT, so please check the suitability for your state/territory

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Bonus Inclusions​

Applies when purchasing access for all year levels 

Professional Learning Workshop (60min)

  • A cyber safety snapshot for primary school educators

  • Live streamed in Term 1 with the option to watch on-demand at anytime


Termly newsletter inserts 

  • Written for your parents to help keep them informed & empowered

What about a parent information session?

Our unique parent information session, Raising Kids in a Digital World, is co-hosted by Carley McGauran (psychologist & Mum). Your parents will leave the session, not terrified of all things online but importantly, informed and empowered to make the best decisions for their family. In 2022 there are 3 options to choose from:

  • host an evening onsite at your school

  • exclusive webinar for your school, complete with an introduction by your Principal

  • join a shared webinar that your parents can watch live or on-demand

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Join Ollie (& his new friend Meg) as they continue their journey online. We learn about balancing our screen time, sharing with trusted adults and keeping our information private.


In collaboration with the Tweeting Galah series of picture story books, join Gabbo & Friends as we explore what it means to be an assertive, responsible and safe digital citizen.

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Students are challenged to be critical online explorers - growing smarter, braver, stronger, kinder and more alert. 

*choose to be invoiced now or in 2022

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Frequently asked questions

What if some classes can’t tune in at the time and date of the live broadcasts?

To help avoid timetabling clashes, each presentation will be presented twice. Your school can choose from the two dates on offer each term to watch the live, interactive broadcasts. If for some reason, your school cannot attend either of them, there will be a replay available to watch on demand.

What if a student is absent?

They can watch the broadcast live (from home) or catch up via the on-demand replay.

Are they just watching a video or episode each term?

No. The session will be broadcast live and students will be provided with opportunities to interact.

How do students interact during the sessions?

n Grades F-2, the focus will be students moving their bodies to engage in the learning. Who doesn't love to dance! In Grades 3-6, students will require access to a device (shared is ok, in fact preferred) to participate in a live quiz and other interactive activities.

Is Inform & Empower accredited or endorsed to deliver cyber safety?

Yes, absolutely. We are endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.

Do I have to sign up my whole school or can we just pay for some year levels?

As there are technically 3 different programs, your school can enrol for just the P-2 program or 3/4 or 5/6 or even two out of the three. Just indicate which levels and the number of students on the registration form. Please keep in mind, the “whole school bonus” inclusions don’t apply if you are not enrolling your whole school (obviously).

What if we're a tiny school...can we still take part?

Yes! To cover the cost of administration and ensure you get a class set of books (for Gr 3/4), we do have a minimum spend of $250.

With over 12 years experience as a primary school teacher, and the last 4 working as a cyber safety educator, Marty has redesigned and improved the “one off” incursion model to deliver online safety education. Based upon work with 100+ schools & 10,000+ students, this new program is also aligned to the new eSafety's Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education.

We invite you to be an Informed & Empowered School in 2022 and deliver cyber safety learning Every Term & Every Student .  
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