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A really practical recommendation to help keep your parents up-to-date with all things kids and tech. It's a free app designed and made in Australia.

The number #1 game in 2022 and we've updated our parent guide. This is an absolute must for every school to share to ensure parents are informed about Roblox.

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Get on the front foot and share your school's position relating to social media. The minimum age is 13 and each school should be very clear that they do not condone or support any student under the age of 13 having their own account. Feel free to make a copy of the template and modify to suit your community

Raising our kids in a digital world is challenging! Share this beautifully written (by a Mum & psychologist) open letter with your school community to inspire.

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Our Term 2 shows focus on "balance" in all levels F-6. We use the common language of "Green Time" in all sessions to help explain the importance of activities we can do that are not on screens!

Social Media graphics to promote your school being proactive! 

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