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Introduction: Meet the Characters

Before you watch the episodes, check out this! 


Marty welcomes you to Ollie Online, introduces the characters and explains what "down under' means.

The Internet is Like a Theme Park

Key Understandings:

The internet is like a theme park. Both can be amazing, awesome and fun BUT sometimes confusing, scary or worrying.


We need to do things to keep safe on the internet, just like at a theme park. For example: stay with adults, stick to places meant for kids and check in if we feel unsafe.

Screen Time & Green Time

Key Understandings:

It's healthy to have a balance between screen time and green time.


Green time can be anything we do that is not on our screens. Examples include: sport, dance, riding a bike, trampolining, playing in nature, Lego, board games, puzzles, cooking, reading, mindfulness and much more!


Green time helps us grow our minds and bodies.

Take Care, Don't Share

Digital Footprints are a record of what you do online, including the sites you visit and the things you share. A trail is a path or track that someone can follow.


Private Information is information about you that can be used to identify who you are.


We never share our full name, address, phone number, age, birthday or school name.

Take Care, Don't Share

Key Understandings:

The internet is a public place and not everyone is can be trusted.

To keep us safe, we need to always take care and not share...personal information.


Personal information can be used to identify you and includes: photos, full name, where you live, your family, passwords

About Us

Marty McGauran
Not your usual primary school teacher!

Marty is a classroom teacher, edtech consultant and online safety educator. In 2022 his live streamed student incursions reached over 20,000 students. He is equally passionate about working with students, teachers and parents.
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Bess Naughtin
Createful (not a real word) Director

Bess has been teaching in primary schools for 10+ years and loves all things design and technology. She also has 3 children of her own that immerse her in the world of Minecraft, Switch and more! 
Damien Peck
The musical talent!

Dynamite singer songwriter who loves performing and reading stories with kids. Damo has been part of the Melbourne music scene for over two decades, writing and performing music and theatre for children.
Carley McGauran
Consulting psychologist

Carley has 20+ years experience working as a psychologist with children, adolescence and adults. Although, the most important role she plays is as a mum to 3 kids!

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