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Keep It Private

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Green Time & Screen Time

The biggest factor in keeping young people safe online is their communication and relationships with the adults in their lives. Ollie reinforces the importance of checking and speaking with a trusted adult when challenges arise online.

In order to establish good habits from an early age, Ollie explores what information is considered private and how important it is to keep this information offline.

A growing challenge for children and families is the excessive use of screens. Ollie introduces the concept of ‘green time’ and how important it is to balance your screen time with green time.

Grade F-2

Ollie Online's 3 key messages are best reinforced and built upon by utilising the free digital citizenship curriculum, lesson plans, slides and videos available (you do need to sign up for an account) from Common Sense Education.

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Ollie Online Printables for your classroom

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Ollie Online Posters for your classroom

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Dance Along with Ollie!

Use Ollie's simple dance moves as a 'brain break' to help reinforce the key messages from the incursion.

Ollie Online Student User Agreements

Customise our Ollie Online student user agreements to use in your class. Add your school logo, co-write with students, modify and/or edit as you wish and ensure your class always has a clear set of expectations for technology use.

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Designed to be used as an individual student agreement. Print in A4 and have students keep safe for the year or laminate and display.

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Designed to be used as a class agreement. Print in poster size, have students write their names around the outside & then display on your classroom wall.


To assist with low literacy levels, stage photos with students acting out the do's and don't's of the agreement. Print the photos and display next next to the posters.


Record short video excerpts of students acting out parts of the agreement. Use iMovie to edit them into a class video to be shared with parents and other classes.

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