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Among Us Update for Parents: Quickchat

With the amazing popularity of Among Us in 2020 & 2021, the one element that concerned parents was the ability to chat with strangers (when playing in "public" games). You may wish to read our quick PARENT GUIDE TO AMONG US to learn about the different game modes and basic overview. Below is an update to the game released in March 2021:

In a positive move by the game makers, they now ask for the date of birth users. If they are under 13, the chat functionality is restricted to the new Quickchat.

Note: you will have to update the app on your device to get the prompt asking your age

Once you restart the app after updating, this prompt will ask you for your date of birth.

If a user is under 13, they will be restricted to Quick Chat only.

What is Quickchat?

Quickchat is an easier and faster way to chat in the game. Instead of allowing the use of the keyboard to type any words or phrases (appropriate or not!), Quickchat gives the players a menu of phrases to use. These phrases are all based around the gameplay and allow accusations, questions, responses and more but without the option to write sexually overt, adult language or other non-child friendly content. We encourage parents to take a moment to sit with their kids and check out this way of chatting in Among Us- it's actually really well as being a safety net for inappropriate content!

Quickchat lets players chat by choosing from a wheel of choices, rather than typing using the keyboard.
There are simple one word responses or you can customise the phrase by inserting a player's name.
Accusations and discussion relevant to the game can still be had no problems at all.

What does all this mean?

Previously we have cautioned against allowing young users from being allowed to play public games in Among Us due to risk of adult and inappropriate chat from other players. This new setting, where Quickchat is locked on for users under 13 creates a much safer environment.

You do also need to consider that players will still, at times, use their player name to slip adult and sexual content into the game. See below for the player I came across named "Dik up bum". Unfortunately Among Us does not have a function to stop this- yet.

Player names can be a place where your children will see adult content.

Like any online game, we recommend:

  1. Knowing exactly what games your kids play and being informed (ie. reading articles like this 😀)

  2. Always having devices in communal areas of the home (never in bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms). Supervision is crucial.

  3. Having lots of open conversations...asking them curious questions about their gameplay and how they are going online. Carley's describes how communication is your #1 tool to keeping kids safe online.

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