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Book Review: How We Got Cyber Smart

I love using picture books to unpack ideas with kids and to open up conversations that could otherwise be tricky. I used this book to talk to my 6 year-old son about interacting with people on the internet. Even though this isn’t something he should be able to do yet (because of the limited games he can play and the settings that are in place) I really want to be proactive in this area. Despite my best efforts, the situation could still arise.

‘How We Got Cyber Smart’ did this in a way that wasn’t scary or upsetting. I found the book to be relevant, relatable and practical. I also thought the parents in the story modelled appropriate reactions and responses, which makes it a great resource for children and adults.

"I found the book to be relevant, relatable and practical."

Some of the language in the book, like talking to a “trusted adult”, overlapped with the Ollie Online live show (presented by Inform & Empower) my son saw earlier in the year. We were able to make connections with that, which helped strengthen his understanding of what it means to be safe online.

How We Got Cyber Smart is written by Australian author Lisa Rothfield-Kirschner.

More info and to buy online (eBook or hard copy):

Bess Naughtin is a Melbourne primary school teacher and mum to three boys under 7!

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