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How much screen time is ok for our kids?

I often get asked by parents, “how much screen time is ok for my kids?”. Well, here’s the thing, when we use the term ‘screen time’, it can refer to such a myriad of different ways in which we engage with screens. It is time we reconsidered the generic use of the term ‘screen time’, and here’s why.

Consider how different the following activities are, that are all loosely categorised as screen time:

  • Building an imaginative city in Minecraft collaboratively with their sibling

  • Watching “epic fail” videos

  • Playing an intense, multiplayer, first person shooter game

  • Watching a Disney film

  • Learning a language using an app like Duolingo

As you can see, it is clear that not all screen time is created equal!

We need to start reshaping our understanding of screen time to be much more than just a number of hours per day/week but instead focus more on the type of screen time. Watch the video below as I explain a simple way that you, together with your children, can use the SPIIE challenge to start reflecting on the different types of screen time. From this reflection comes balance, and after all, balance is the key!

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