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It takes a village...

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

A letter written from one parent to all other parents in their village:

Dear member of our village,

I know it really does take a village to raise (up) our children. Our children being okay matters most. My fierce care and protection of my children extends to your children too. If I find out your child may be unsafe,

I will give you the heads up. I am so grateful knowing you will do the same for me. I want my children to know secrets about something unsafe are not secrets to keep… even if it's about a friend.

It may feel like an uncomfortable conversation to have but I will speak up. Even if I know it may be hard for you to hear.

Thank you in advance for giving me the heads up about my child. Just know I will be so grateful that you chose to have that conversation with me.

Our children being okay matters most. I’m also the parent who takes delight when I find out your child has made an amazing choice. I’ll be the first to message or ring you to celebrate this.

Mistakes are just part of growing up. Mistakes are not made by “those children” from “those families”, but all children from all families.

I don’t want our kids to get lost in shame because of a mistake. I want to be part of that safe landing place for our children to fall when they trip up.

I want our kids to know that there is a village of safe adults to help them back from an unsafe place (no matter how far they have wandered).

Our children being okay matters most. Parenting can bring us to our knees from worry and exhaustion. Parenting can, in the very next moment, bring us heart bursting love and joy.

Just take a breath. And another breath. Through all these moments, together we can do this.

Thank you member of our village.

Words by Carley McGauran - mum, psychologist & cyber safety educator

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