Roblox Parental Controls

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Setting up parental controls is only one step out of three to help minimise risk for your children playing Roblox (or any online game). If you're wondering what sort of risks, please read our post, I played Roblox for two days and here's what parents need to know.

1. Adult supervision is always recommended. What do we mean by supervision? Having children playing on their device in a shared area of the home and never in bedrooms, bathrooms or toilets.

2. Open up the conversation and share their interest. Discuss and ask questions about their online activities, just as you would embrace their interest in sport, music or any other extracurricular activity.

"What level did you get up to?"

"You seem to be loving <insert game> at the moment, why is it such an awesome game?"

"What do you think you have to improve to do better at <insert game>?"

"I could hear you speaking really excitedly while some of the other players not always speak respectfully? What do you do when this happens?"

3. Ensure parental controls and/or settings are child safe. Here's what you need adjust in Roblox settings:

Ensure your child is using an <13 account.

To find out whether your child is operating with an under or over 13 account visit their profile page. It is also visible whilst they are playing at the top of the screen.

This setting is based upon the DOB your child &/or you submitted when signing up for the account. If you find the account is incorrectly setup as a 13+, you can simply go to the settings and change the DOB.

See the info below to read what the main difference between under or over 13 accounts:

Add a parent email address

You can in fact sign up for a Roblox account without any email at all but it is most important that you go into the Settings>Account Info to add a parent email.

Once verified, it should look like this:

Enable Account PIN

In Settings>Security enable Account PIN. Ensure it is a secure PIN...not the one you use to unlock your phone...the one your kids know!

Enable Account Restrictions

In Settings>Security enable Account Restrictions. The account restrictions do two very important things:

1. Only allows access to curated content. This means they can only play a selection of the games that are on a pre-approved list that has been verified as appropriate by Roblox (ie. limited violence, horror & no guns)

2. Disables chat and messaging with all other users. This includes disabling chat with "friends".

Note about restricted mode

Even with restricted mode enabled your child will still be able to see the thumbnail images of any game (including scary creatures with knives). If they try to click and play one of these games, the play button is disabled as you can see from the screenshots below.

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