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Healthy Sexuality Education

Healthy Sexuality Parent Education Resources

Vanessa Hamilton’s 18 years as an educator providing a contemporary and evidenced based approach to sexuality, consent and respectful relationships education has her working across a broad spectrum of communities including: Public, Private, Faith based and independent schools from P-12. Inform and Empower is proud to partner with Talking the Talk: Healthy Sexuality Education.

Your school can provide access to an eBook & video presentation for as little as $1 per student when you also book our cyber safety parent presentation (webinar or on-site).


What if your school has already had a sexuality or life education parent or student session?

We highly recommend you grow and extend the support for parents in this challenging space. We highly recommend Vanessa's material as it aligns with the messaging we share during our parent session. This is such a specialist area, that Carley and Marty do not have the expertise or time within our 90 min session to explore these important conversations. We urge you to consider providing this amazing resource for your parents and carers.


eBook​ (RRP $14)

How to have conversations with children about sex & sexuality: Being A Sexual Being (BASB)


Ages 2-17

  • A downloadable/printable 63 page PDF

  • Tips, scripts and conversation starters so that a parent will be their child’s main sex and sexuality educator

  • 25 years of Vanessa's own parenting and sexuality education and nursing experience, written into an eBook guide to support and encourage parents to start and continue essential, life changing conversations with kids aged 2-17years of age  

  • Conversations checklists by age

  • And much much more!

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Parent Video Presentation​ (RRP $22)


This session is aimed at educating a parent or carer, so that:

  • They become their child’s main source of information about sex and sexuality

  • Their children’s safety and wellbeing is a priority as they grow up 

  • Their children have the best possibility of healthy and happy,  development, experiences and relationships through their human sexuality life journey 

  • Watch it in the comfort of their own home and their own pace

  • Watch it with the child’s other parent/carer

  • Ongoing access, 24/7 on any phone, device or computer with internet access so they can watch it time and time again!