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Grade 3/4 and 5/6

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The 5 pillars of Thrive Online are based upon Google's Be Internet Awesome resource and used with permission.​ The following links are to resources from the Be Internet Awesome website.

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NB: to play the Interland game you may need your IT admin to whitelist the website- it is advised to check if students can access the game before you plan an exciting lesson that flops!

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Online Quiz for Students

Have students complete an online quiz to consolidate their understanding of what it means to be smart, alert, strong, kind and brave. The questions are all based upon content from the incursion & are designed to be completed as an individual task, small groups or even a whole class discussion. You will be given your score immediately upon completion.

Please find a downloadable (& printable) certificate that can also be utilised as part of the learning sequence.

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You can also share the direct link to students:

You can also share the direct link to students:

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Student User Agreements

Customise our student user agreements to use in your class. Add your school logo, co-write with students, modify and/or edit as you wish and ensure your class always has a clear set of expectations for technology use.

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This template is completed with 10 pledge statements. This can be modified and used as a ready made student agreement/pledge.

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This is a blank template. It can be shared as a copy for each student to complete or co-created as part of a whole class activity and then printed.

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Use these Google Slides to create a set of class posters. Simply add text boxes to each slide with ways that the class will be smart, alert, strong, kind & brave. Print on


After co-creating the Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind & Brave posters, students add a selfie to the "Thrive Online" poster as their way of signing on to the pledge. All posters are then printed and hung on the classroom wall as a reminder for the year.


Students bring their pledge to life using a digital tool such as Flipgrid, iMovie, podcasting, Scratch or even presenting at a whole school assembly as a public speaking exercise.

Links and References

The content in Thrive Online is framed within the five pillars of Be Internet Awesome but is drawn upon extensive reading and research of resources from Australia, USA and the UK. Please see the collection below for more information and links:

Curriculum Links

The content in Thrive Online focuses not only on content knowledge within digital technologies, but also a strong element of self awareness and management. Resilience and conflict resolution are addressed through the immersion in realistic online situations.

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