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Further Info for IT Support

(Big thanks to Plexus IT)

Due to a change in YouTube and Google Workspace settings (since April 2023), many schools are needing to complete the following steps in the Google Workspace Settings.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Quick things to try if the live stream isn’t playing or you have an error message:

  • Connect your laptop to your phone’s internet (hotspot)

  • Open an incognito tab (Chrome) or private browsing (Safari) 

  • Try a different browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge)

  • Your school’s Google account settings may be restricting viewing, try using Chrome signed in with a GMail account


Please note that all of the above are temporary fixes if you’re stuck in a jam!


Please speak with your school’s IT support for a sustainable solution.  Download the doc linked to this page and share it with them.

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