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Roblox - Parental Warning

Updated: Feb 26

Yesterday my colleague and I experienced firsthand something all parents & carers need to be aware of in the game Roblox...please see the video below.

FACT: Roblox is the #1 game in primary schools (from K all the way to Year 6) in 2023. For that exact reason we will not stop sharing and advocating for greater parental understanding of the risks and dangers it is presenting to OUR children on a daily basis.

Setting up parental controls on Roblox:

If you are in Australia, the eSafety Commissioner as well as the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation are the authorities to which any concerning content and or behaviour online should be reported.

The Kids Helpline Official is also an amazing (free) counselling and support service! You can visit their website, email for advice or engage directly via webchat.

Martin McGauran is a digital safety & wellbeing educator who founded Inform & Empower. Inform & Empower is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.

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